Mermod Freres 4 Cyl, 6 Bell Coin Operated Music Box, Circa 1885


This Wonderful Music Box was made in Geneva, Switzerland by the renowned maker "Mermod Freres" circa 1885. This is a very rare music box for several reasons. The Arrangements of the songs are very complex and known as the "Sublime Harmony Soprano". This is attained by the use of two separate Music Combs both being tuned from the Bass to the Treble, and tuned just slightly "Off" to create a very harmonious tone. This Mermod Freres antique music box is also accompanied by 6 tuned bells struck by various insects; two Wasps, two Bees, and two Butterflies. This creates an amazing sound as well as the automations of the insects. Not to be overlooked is the Coin-Operation. Although this was fairly common amongst Disc Music Boxes from the 1890s it is considered fairly rare on cylinder music boxes. What makes this piece even more special is the assortment of songs available. There are four Cylinders, each playing six songs totaling twenty four songs. The extra cylinders are stored in the drawer below. The Case is of Red Oak and in magnificent condition. As with all the pieces in my collection I have personally restored this piece to Museum quality.

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