B.A.Bremond Antique Music Box circa 1860


This Antique Music Box was made by the renowned firm of B.A.Bremond in, Geneva, Switzerland circa 1860s. This Music Box is an example of the style known as the Transitional Music box. Prior to this period all music boxes were wound with a separate Key which was found to be difficult due to the strength of the Mainspring. A permanent lever complete with a Ratchet/Pawl system made from left-over parts from the earlier Keywind types was attached to the Spring Assembly making the task of winding the music box much easier.

Features of music boxes from this era include: a Square Mainspring Arbor to which the Lever is attached. Although many Movements from this era were housed in very fancy Inlay and Marquetry cases many like this one could also be found in "Fruitwood" cases. This Music Box retains it's original "Dragon's Breath" finish on the case inside also typical of earlier 19th century music boxes. Finally this Music Box has an early style tune program of only 4 airs. The cylinder is approximately 7" in length with exactly 100 teeth on the comb. Later Music Boxes had programs of 8, 10, or 12 selections on a single cylinder. This tranlates to very complicated Musical arrangements and superior tone quality.

The tone on this music box is extraordinary, Trills in the upper most treble section with the most delicate and beautiful sound imaginable can be heard thru-out. Amazingly balanced out by a rich Bass and middle register. There are mandolin affects, arpeggios and Chromatic runs which bring chills to the listener. The top of the Governor assembly is stamped with the typical "Bremond" trademark, as well the tune label is typical to this fine maker. The simplicity of the case is striking. This music box recently underwent a complete restoration to both the case and movement and it sounds and looks amazing!

Case measurements are: 14-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 4-3/4"

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