Antique Swiss Music Box made circa 1885


By the renowned Mojon-Manger Co.

This Music Box employs the Rare "Alternate Tip" Comb type arrangement. A late 19th century innovation that allowed for a music box to play more selections yet retain a full rich tone. This 12 Air music box has 124 teeth, 62 of which are plucked by 12 rows of Cylinder pins. The 62 "Ghost" teeth are tuned to the neighboring teeth and their "sympathetic" vibration set off by the same. The resulting affect is almost like that of a Sublime Harmony. In this case it worked as this is the finest sounding 12 Air Box we have had and also the first Alternate tip Music box offered in the Rita Ford collection in the last 30 years. This piece is signed M.M.C. on the Governor assembly. Mojon-Manger co. is known as a maker of very fine quality music boxes. The case is Rosewood with an Instrument and Floral Inlay to the center of the lid. This piece has been restored to beautiful condition and has a Wonderful sound. Several teeth in the treble section are doubled so the affect is also like a mandolin or "Expressive" Box there are 2 Mainsprings for long playing and the program includes Music from the composers Mendelssohn, Haydn, Handel and Mozart.

Measurements: Case 26" x 11" x 7" Cylinder 13"

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  • Model: Antique Music Box Alternate tip

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