Charles Bruguier Bird Box Automata

This extremly rare Bird Box Automata was made in Geneva, Switzerland, and is signed by the renowned Maker "Charles Bruguier". It bares the serial #138 and dates from around the 1830's . The clockwork is the prized anti-clockwise "Fusee" type and the automations include the following.

1.The Bird swivels from side to side

2.The Head turns independantly of the Body

3.The wings and Tail feathers flap

4.The Ivory Beak "Chirps"

A stack of 8 cams provide the intricate Birdcall and all other functions. The beautiful Case is Silver with an Enamel Scene applied to the lid and Floral designs to the case top. There is a compartment for the Key at the back of the case. This piece has been restored to excellent working condition.

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